Global Sourcing Company India

About Us

WDX is an energetic, enthusiastic, and professional furniture and lighting global sourcing company specializing in meticulously making affordable yet high-end products tailor-made to fit your needs and fulfill your dreams. In WDX we have a common and clear goal which is to present quality for the satisfaction of our client. We have a strong team and an impeccable management system and corporate culture, along with strong team spirit and a positive attitude towards work that enables us to achieve what some would call fantastic feats.

Our innovative and dynamic company, based in Hyderabad, India, is a single-source provider of design and custom-built furniture in gated communities, villas, hotels, convention centers, resorts houses, apartments, and office spaces chambers with the supply of interior design, raw materials, furniture production, and installation at site and after-sale service. Having our offices in India, China, and Malaysia we have a global sourcing network in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Turkey, and across Europe and exporting across the world.

We create the perfect design and then bring it to life, taking charge of every part of the process, from exquisite furniture production to exacting and flawless installation.